AquaLocate offers the GF6 seismoelectric exploration system for the purpose of locating an aquifers presence: depth, yield and thickness prior to drilling a well. 

The technology has been used successfully around the world since the 1990’s and in the U.S. since 2001 when AquaLocate founder, Ervin M. Kraemer brought the first and original design to the United States.

The GF6 is useful for helping drillers, geoscientist and others determine with success a productive water well site and/or assists in avoiding dry holes. Unlike traditional seismic systems the GF6 detects only the resistive liquid. It does not detect (see) geological structure. This is helpful when specifically searching for potable water, oil, gas, and geothermal reserves.

AquaLocate manufacturs the GF6, provides worldwide sales, training and on going survey data interpretation assistance. AquaLocate accomplishes select survey projects worldwide but primarily refers survey clients to individuals and companies who own GF6 systems, have been trained on and use proper protocol when operating the GF6. Clients range from geoscientists, well drillers, entrepreneurs.

Main company focus: Sales, Distribution & Training. Discounts apply to multiple unit sales, military and geoscientists.

Ervin M. Kraemer

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