AquaLocate manufactures and distributes the most advanced seismoelectric instrument, the GF6 Exploration System. The GF6 system helps determine the potential cost of drilling, provides depth, thickness, permeability, porosity, transmissivity and yield estimates, and provides a solid plan of action for your drilling project. AquaLocate is a worldwide expert in groundwater locating services and exploration. Since 2001 our resources have supported projects on six continents and in more than 23 countries. AquaLocate’s comprehensive training program has helped individuals from all over the world become certified GF6 operators.

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Christine Kraemer

During the month of NGWA’s Groundwater Week — December 2019 —, all GF6 purchases made and completed in that month will receive a 10% discount (this offer cannot be combined with other discounts). We also offer a 10% discount for all active and retired military members.

The AquaLocate GF6 seismoelectric instrument package includes a GF6, rugged laptop, data collection and processing/interpretation software, a set of cables, two seismic sources, a month of processing/interpretation phone assistance, and training for one person.

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