Campbell Manufacturing, a major manufacturer and distributor of high quality water system products, presents a broad line of water filtration systems and replacement filter cartridges for reducing sediment, taste and odor, hazardous chemicals, lead, scale, and chalky deposits. These products can be installed at the point-of-entry and the point-of-use applications in your kitchen, bathroom and other areas throughout your home or business. Campbell Manufacturing also offers a unique line of water filters made specifically for recreational vehicles (RV), marine use, beverage vending machines, and ice makers.

Additionally, Campbell Manufacturing produces water treatment products including Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO) and Chemical Reduction Systems for handling hazardous water conditions, along with Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems (UV) that eliminate microbiological contaminants without the use of chemicals.

Moreover, Campbell Manufacturing offers a complete line of residential water well system products; everything you need to build the inner workings of your water well between the pump and the pressure tank.

Campbell Manufacturing products contain less than 0.25% lead as required by NSF/ANSI 372.

Campbell Manufacturing is a division of Baker Water Systems.

Cindy Gaugler

Donna Weller

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