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In-Situ Puts Remote Monitoring Within Reach with VuLink Telemetry

Telemetry devices used for continuous water monitoring are tricky to set up, cumbersome to use, and notoriously unreliable. Until now.

VuLink is a cellular and satellite telemetry device that will change the way you think about long-term deployment. Designed to fit and mount in a two-inch/50mm well and work anywhere in the world, VuLink ushers in a new chapter in data logging and telemetry.

What makes VuLink different?

With one button press, VuLink is ready to use. Icons instantly indicate instrument status, battery life, and connectivity.

VuLink is a truly global device, offering cellular coverage across multiple networks. It’s also the first in-well Iridium satellite device.

VuLink supports extended deployment with two-to-five times the battery life of similar devices, using widely available alkaline batteries and lithium batteries.

And the cost will challenge your assumptions:

  • VuLink Cellular (CI) is $795
  • VuLink Satellite (SI) is $1,495.

Remote monitoring is the best way to understand what’s happening in the water. Now, with VuLink, there’s an easy, reliable, and cost-effective way to collect real-time data you can trust.

To learn more and reserve your place in line for VuLink, visit

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