Established in 1949, Jet-Lube is a globally recognized, leading manufacturer of lubricants and compounds for oilfield, industrial, and water well markets. Its’ high-performance products withstand moderate to extreme environmental conditions and fit many application needs within industry. Jet-Lube focuses strongly on producing the highest quality anti-seizes and thread lubricants, performance lubricants, thread compounds, and sealants. Industrial customers worldwide rely on Jet-Lube to deliver the performance-engineered solutions industry counts on.

Michael A. Melancon

Jose Avitia

  • Water rehabilitation products
  • Water well drill rod compounds
  • Environmental drilling compounds
  • Cleaners and degreasers
  • Non-oxidative chlorine
  • Mineral scale remover
  • Acid neutralizer
  • Thread sealants
  • Dope brushes

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