Merrill Manufacturing™ Company was founded in 1949, by Noel Merrill Anderson in a one-car garage in Iowa. In 1976, Noel’s son, Stephen Anderson, moved back to his home state to work in the family business and In 1981 became the president of the company. Today, Merrill manufactures and sells the industry’s largest selection of frost proof yard hydrants, pitless units, kits and adapters, well caps, tank tees, insert fittings and splice kits as well as one of the largest selections of other water well accessories in the industry.

Customer Service: (800) 831-6962 or (712) 732-2760

Customer Service Team

We are currently running our Bargain Price Program. Call or email your Merrill Inside Sales Rep today for more information.

Merrill Manufacturing has provided over 60 years of service to the water well industry with its diverse product line of more than 4500 items!

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