The Well Bubbler forces compressed air through an air line installed in the well to accurately measure the standing and pumping water levels — the same approach used by well drillers and pump installers. The well level is automatically calculated from the length of the tube and the air pressure, shown on the display in feet, stored in a data logger, and reported online. The Well Bubbler can be safely installed with all pump and motor types — it is not affected by oil in the well, VFD noise, or engine noise. The Well Bubbler includes a pump control relay to stop the pump when the level is low, and automatic phone and email level alerts. By measuring the flow rate, discharge pressure, and pump power, the Well Bubbler is used to monitor well specific capacity and overall pumping efficiency. The Well Bubbler is solar-powered and includes a built-in compressor; it is compatible with all telemetry systems and SCADA.

Alexander Bugrov

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