With 56 warehouses across the country and still growing, Preferred Pump is the leading distributor of submersible pumps, pump hoists, water well equipment, and water well accessories in North America. Since 1982, we have valued our beliefs of integrity, honesty, and reliability while selling to our customers only wholesale water pumps, valves, turbines, wire, pump hoists, water tanks, motors, controls, drilling fluids, water systems, pipe, and much more, all from the superior brands you know and trust. Preferred Pump also offers the best Dealer Awards Program in the industry, giving our customers the chance to turn their purchases into quality merchandise and glamorous trips with luxurious accommodations. Now a 100 percent employee-owned company (ESOP), all 600-plus Preferred Pump employees are committed to providing superior customer service to gain your trust and exceed your expectations. So, how can we earn your business today?

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