Building on 35+ years of research and development and real-world use, SOC sonic drill rigs have earned the reputation of being robust, dependable and fast. With drilling speeds of 3-5 times faster (depending on soil conditions) than conventional rigs, our four-time award-winning patented sonic drilling technology has proved its worth on numerous projects around the world and, today, SOC rigs are used in six continents and in every application possible.

As the patent holder, Sonic Drill Corporation first pioneered and commercialized the design and manufacture of innovative sonic drill rigs as well as the process to install geothermal loops using a sonic rig.   Able to drill to 300 ft. and beyond as well as produce continuous, undisturbed core samples. SOC technology has become a leading choice for environmental investigations, well installations and geothermal projects.

Kevin Reimer

Bill Fitzgerald

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