TDH (Total Dynamic Hoist) Mfg., is a family-owned company in Haslet, Texas, started by Scott and Stephanie Moser. Scott is a third-generation water well drilling and pump repair man and has been in this industry all of his life. The first of the family’s drilling and pump repair businesses began in the 1950s in southern Colorado and the knowledge was passed down in the family. Whether it was working on his family farm as a young boy or working with his family in their water well drilling and pump repair companies, Scott has always been around this industry and the various equipment it utilizes. Scott ultimately started his own drilling and pump repair business in Nebraska. Having run pump equipment in the field, day in and day out, he always knew there had to be a better way…thus, Scott started TDH Mfg. He has engineered TDH’s pump hoists with the contractor in mind!


With the design of the new H-mast, TDH manufactures hoists that have unmatched versatility and stability while also providing the strength of much larger rigs. Attached to the H-mast are both the main and sand line winches, freeing up an industry-leading amount of open deck space giving the contractor endless options. For the improved deck space, TDH has custom built toolboxes that give much needed cargo space while leaving the entire inside of the bed untampered. Not only is the mast design next generation, but so is the ease of the electric over hydraulic controls. This allows each winch and cylinder to be operated by its own valve and be proportionally controlled giving the operator infinite control of the entire rig simultaneously. Technology advancements like these have not happened to the pump hoist for quite some time and TDH has set out to change that. Other features such as hydraulic tilting pipe racks, 12” base outriggers, and a wireless five-function remote with variable control are what contractors are raving about. Unlike many pump hoist manufactures, TDH aims to have rigs in stock to keep their customers from waiting nine-plus months for a unit. Every vision and feature that TDH has engineered is with one goal in mind — to enable the contractor to increase revenue simply because the pump hoist is more efficient.


Scott and Stephanie strive to help businesses in the water well industry increase their productivity by providing them equipment with cutting-edge technology and endeavor to be the trusted brand when it comes to premier pump hoist equipment. Contact them today to learn more about The Next Generation Pump Hoist!

Scott Moser

Kade Merritt

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