We have more than 15 years of experience manufacturing downhole and borehole video inspection systems for the water well, oil well, gas well & mining industries. Our camera systems are durable, portable and mountable. We have 3 distinct product lines: the Cart Unit, the Econo Unit and the Deep Well Unit.  Customers choose from a super portable reel to heavy duty mounted deep well reel, choose the length of cable they need, choose from a dual view camera or mini down-view camera head, choose the video & recording options, and more.  With a WellCamera system, the operator can fully survey, and examine the inside of any well or borehole with a complete full-color view, to create a visual record of cleaning, repair, or regulatory compliance, to help find and retrieve lost tools and equipment, to see well features, voids, and water inflow, to assist in inspecting perforations, welds, screens, and more.

John Robbins



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